Sunday, October 7, 2018

Two new designs: Reindeer & Sheep Feed Sacks

Thanks to Beth Wiksen for the amazing stitching and finishing of these two new Carriage House Samplings designs. Both are stitched on Weeks Dye Works 30 count linen. Reindeer on Tin Roof Gingham using two skeins of DMC 3777 Terra Cotta, Very Dark and one skein of 3865 Winter White. The Sheep bag is on Havana using two skeins of 310 Black and one skein of 3865 Winter White. Finishing instructions are included, or contact Beth to finish them for you. $12 each.

Monday, February 5, 2018

A Variation on Alphabet Blocks, The Whole Kit & Caboodle

Thanks to Kay Goguen for sharing her gorgeous version of Alphabet Blocks! Notice the W for Whippet; she breeds them and currently has a litter of 6! Kay moved the willow and reptile to the bottom corners, and added a rabbit. She also decided to go without a border leaving a little extra linen between the sampler and this beautiful frame that she found at a consignment shop. Very creative! Thank you for sharing this!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow

Presenting: The 10th Design in the Series!
A collaboration with my sister Kathy

Available for shops starting tomorrow at the Fall Harvest Market Hop and, 
beginning September 15th, at

Other designs:
Bees in Her Bonnet
(Companion Piece to Tropical Hat Lady)

And Grey-Eyed Angel,
Punch Needle

Friday, August 18, 2017

Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow ... the details

Thanks to Picture This Plus for providing the gorgeous Legacy linen for Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow! The stitch count is 371 wide x 278 high

Thanks also to Beth Wiksen who did an amazing job stitching the model — in just months!

And thanks to Janet at Valley House Primitives who created beautiful frames for all ten of the Hawk Run Hollows!

The following DMC floss colors were used (Needlepoint Silk conversions are in parenthesis)
310 Black (993) four skeins needed
437 Tan (861)
501 Blue Green (526)
580 Moss Green Dark (255)
581 Moss Green (253)
640 Beige Gray Very Dark (964)
644 Beige Gray Medium (981)
645 Beaver Gray Very Dark (965)
647 Beaver Gray Medium (152)
680 Old Gold Dark (694)
721 Orange Spice (441)
730 Olive Green Very Dark (345)
733 Olive Green Medium (333)
742 Tangerine (556) 
743 Yellow Medium (133)
781 Topaz Very Dark (774)
783 Topaz Medium (772)
829 Golden Olive Very Dark (316) two skeins needed
830 Golden Olive Dark (315)
834 Golden Olive Very Light (842)
918 Red Copper Dark (225)
920 Copper Medium (865)
921 Copper (624)
922 Copper Light (623)
924 Green Gray Very Dark (568)
926 Green Gray Medium (564)
927 Green Gray Light (562)
3012 Khaki Green Medium (342)
3013 Khaki Green Light (352)
3022 Brown Gray Medium (154)
3031 Mocha Brown Very Dark (187)
3046 Yellow Beige Medium (692)
3047 Yellow Beige Light (851)
3781 Mocha Brown Dark (955)
3787 Brown Gray Dark (976)
3790 Beige Gray Ultra Dark (986)
3799 Pewter Gray Very Dark (674)
3820 Straw Dark (473)
3821 Straw (472)
3859 Rosewood Light (222)
3865 Winter White (991BB)
Ecru (877)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Be Prepared to Be Scared!

It was so much fun collaborating with my sister Kathy on Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow. It will be ready to stitch mid-September... if you dare!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

And the winner is ... or should I say are?

Wow! You all are absolutely amazing!! The ideas you sent us were all wonderful and we considered each and every one. We're grateful for the time and effort you put into your ideas for the next Hawk Run Hollow.

We heard from lots of stitchers, including our model stitchers, from shop owners and even from our very creative sister Janet.  Our three brothers had not a word to say!

Maybe it's the cooling temperatures and the caramel apples now at the local produce stand, but we're really inspired to design Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow as the 10th in the series!

The first person to suggest Halloween was Lydia Redeker. So she will win a free copy of the chart once it's completed, and she'll get her moment of fame and glory when her name is included in the chart packaging! We're very grateful Lydia!

And we have a second winner: Tawny Korty, of the shop Where Victoria's Angel Stitch in Clifton, NJ. Not only did she suggest Halloween, but she gave enough imaginative details for all twelve blocks!

Thank you for participating. As contest participant, Sharon Odom, wrote, "If I could, I would become a citizen of Hawk Run Hollow Hollow in a heartbeat." I felt that way when I worked on the barn dance and rolling hills of Farms and the flowers and fig tree in Spring. I'm not sure I'm going to want to be anywhere near Hawk Run Hollow at Halloween!


Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Hawk Run Hollow Contest!

Thank you for all your interest in A Year at Hawk Run Hollow, the ninth in the popular Hawk Run Hollow series! Here's your chance to take part in the 10th Hawk Run Hollow!

My sister Kathy Barrick (the originator of the series) and I are going to join forces to design the tenth chart. Send us your ideas for its theme. The first person to suggest a theme that both Kathy and I think will make a great HRH, will receive a FREE copy of the chart and have their name included on the packaging.

Farms was inspired by my love of rural country side and farm animals. Spring seemed so obvious after Kathy's Autumn and Christimas. I loved designing the Map of Hawk Run Hollow and placing lots of the shops that Kathy included in the Village of HRH and coming up with new landmarks. And finally, Year was a fun way to look at Hawk Run Hollow over time. Now it's up to you to start the creation of the tenth chart!

See the first nine at

Email your ideas to: and

Thank you!