Saturday, November 27, 2010

Welcome Back to Carriage House Samplings!

My name is Marty Barrick and I recently took over Carriage House Samplings from my sister Kathy. 

Here I am with my daughters at Woodlawn Manor picking up more details for a sampler that I've started designing.  My sister Kathy is the photographer.  It was about 10 degrees below zero with the windchill! 

Another shot of me in front of the 1832 stone barn at Woodlawn.

This is my younger daughter Grace who is very excited to be with her Aunt Kathy.

I want to find a way to incorporate these amazing trees into my new Woodlawn sampler.  Notice the loop formed by the branches on the right.

My husband Tim in front of the shed he just finished building in our back yard in Silver Spring, MD.  He just moved Carriage House Samplings from York to our home yesterday.  Now the work really begins!!