Thursday, May 23, 2013

Introducing Agness

Agness worked this sampler in 1849 when she was 11 years old. 
Carriage House Samplings is providing the chart for her original design . . .

. . . as well as an adaptation:

Thanks to Valley House Primitives for providing this 
wonderful frame with a small swirl design, 
Lakeside Linens for the beautiful 40 count Vintage Pecan Butter linen, 
Needlepoint Silk for the gorgeous floss and 
Kathy Bonham who expertly stitched the model for us. 
And, thanks to my sister Kathy who entrusted us 
with this beautiful antique for the last few years!

Suggested retail price: $18.00

Friday, May 17, 2013

Agness threads and linen... and today's painting

I've had a few requests for the floss and linen for Agness Rowlandson:

318, 672 Pearl Gray
353, 622 Coral, Light
422, 693 Palomino Gold, Light
453, 981 Taupe, Very Light
500, 155 Sea Green (2 skeins)
712, 851 Cream
797, 823 Ultramarine Blue
820, 825 Ultramarine Blue, Very Dark
839, 955 Doeskin Brown, Dark
840, 952 Doeskin Brown
898, 915 Maple Brown, Very Dark
3045, 763 Sable Brown, Light
3051, 292 Old English Green, Light
3363, 344 Meadow Green
3371, 587 Burnt Umber
3770, 877 Pale Peach
3821, 473 Marigold Yellow

Thanks to Pat from Lakeside Linens for providing the beautiful 40 count Vintage Pecan Butter linen!

And one request, from my sister, to see a painting... I painted this at Brookside Gardens this morning. I brought Kathy here a few weeks ago and we saw the biggest bullfrog I've ever seen!

I'm still tweaking it, so let me know if you have any suggestions. Marty

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Agness had a way with flowers!

We're finishing the production of Agness Rowlandson's 1849 sampler. The antique is back with its owner (Thank you, Kathy!) which means my easel that it was carefully sitting on for the last couple of years can be used for painting again! Agness should be ready next week!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Any relation to Agness?

I'm finishing up the instructions for a reproduction of an 1849 Quaker sampler and would love to get some information about the person who stitched it. Agness Rowlandson was just 11 years old when she "worked" this 304 x 303 piece.

A sneak peek at the model:

A website listing the marriages of St. Luke, in the Parish of Lowick, in the county of Lancashire, England includes an Agnes (one "s" instead of two.) Agness would have been 25 at the time.

Marriage: 25 May 1863 St Luke, Lowick, Lancashire, England
Thomas Ashburner - of full age Grocer Widower of Bent Hawes Colton 
Agnes Rowlandson - of full age Spinster of Lowick Parsonage 
    Groom's Father: Thomas Ashburner, Weaver
    Bride's Father: John Rowlandson, Yeoman
    Witness: John Rowlandson; Jane Rowlandson; Sarah Rowlandson; John Turner
    Married by Licence by: S. J. Clarke M.A. Offg. Minister
    Register: Marriages 1837 - 1872 from the Bishop's Transcripts, Page 32, Entry 65
    Source: LDS Film 1040312

 I wonder if Spinster refers to unmarried or a spinner of wool.... Please let me know if you have more info on Agness.