Monday, January 24, 2011

Kathy's Last Design (for now) and Marty's First Two...

Carriage House will be officially releasing the last design that Kathy completed before turning over the shop to me. It's called "Wash Day" and I love it! It feels like Spring!! We'll release it in Nashville so it should be in your local shop the following week. If it's not, please contact Tim at Carriage House Samplings ( He will quickly send it your way! Thanks to Joanne Ambrose for stitching it so quickly!

And my first design: "Island Sisters" inspired by the fun creek and island behind the small farm where Kathy and I grew up ("Field Aray"). Carol Sims expertly stitched it and Valley House Primitives created the beautiful frame with a wave design! It will also be released in Nashville as well as ...

"The Kernel," a celebration of roosters and farm life! I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more chickens and roosters in my upcoming designs. Again, Valley House Primitives created this gorgeous frame and Carol Sims did the stitching.

And upcoming from Carriage House Samplings: Tim is charting a huge sampler from 1849 that Kathy found in Adamstown, PA ... 11 year old Agness Rowlandson was amazing! (And Tim is doing an amazing job too!)


  1. I love The kernel! It is fabulous! I cannot wait to see the reproduction sampler as well1

  2. These are quite lovely!! Any chance there may be a return to Hawk Run Hollow in the near future?? I so miss stitching there!

  3. Interesting...and a little unexpected. Still stitching C@hrh but will be watching your designs. Dianntha

  4. Beautiful AM! I hope your enjoying all the designing- they look great!

  5. Oh wow Marty,I just love chickens and we raise some so I definitely would love to have this one! Is it out for sale yet? You are doing some beautiful work! Thank you for bringing Carriage House Samplings back to all of us!

  6. I love CHS! Thank you for continuing!
    I recently received "The Song They Sang" from CHS. Tim's emails and prompt delivery were great! Thank you!
    Best of luck in the future!