Sunday, July 10, 2011

Block No. 2: Who designed you?

Here's the second of twelve blocks from The Farms of Hawk Run Hollow. Do you think that is one of Kathy's designs or mine? (She created 2 1/2 blocks.) Please wait until you see all twelve before sending me your explanation as to who created which blocks. Email me at

Winner gets a FREE The Farms of Hawk Run Hollow chart plus enough 40 count Parchment Weeks Dye Works linen to stitch it!

Thanks for participating! Marty


  1. I don't know who designed this block, but it is adorable! Can't say that I've ever seen a barn raising depicted in cross stitch. It reminds me of that scene in Witness. (Love that movie!)

  2. Can't say who designed it, I think I wait till all 12 are to see :-)
    What I can say is ... I love the two blocks so far, this is going to be again a beautiful piece !!

  3. The little people look like your design

  4. I think it is yours! Love the barn raising - so cute.

  5. Looks like this is your design !!