Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Your Opinion, Please!

We'd love to hear from you about a few things:

Gail Kilian stitched The Shores of Hawk Run Hollow on silk gauze, over one thread. It is gorgeous! She is thinking about filling in the background of each square with one or more colors but is unsure about which color(s) since it's not easy to remove stitches from this fabric. She's concerned that the stars, moon and some of the sea creatures are getting lost as is. Alternatively, she's considering choosing a mat color to offset the piece. What would you do? It's challenging to judge from a photo, but she would appreciate your input.

Also, here at Carriage House, we've been debating whether it's wise to base a design on a place that's probably unknown to most of the country. One of my favorite places on earth is Chincoteague and Assateague Island off of Virginia's coast. It has a colorful history, wild horses (was home to the pony Misty who was featured in the 1947 book by Marguerite Henry), amazing great blue herons and snowy egrets (unfortunately, the official bird of Chincoteague is the mosquito!) and a beautiful coastline. Julie Murawski is stitching my design now but we're curious: would YOU stitch a design featuring a village that might not be familiar to you? 

And finally, with the 150th anniversary of the civil war, are you interested in seeing more Americana designs?

Thanks for your feedback!!


  1. Why not fill it in with a color similar to the linen color called for on the chart???

    Love the idea of a Civil War design too.

  2. Stitching backgrounds is way too boring for me. I'd leave it as is.

    How many people ever heard of Hawk Run Hollow? If the design is appealing, I think the location won't be as important to stitchers.

    A Civil War design could be interesting. Depends how war-like it is.

  3. I would not spend any time stitching the background since it looks terrific as is.
    I stitch designs that are cozy feeling.
    I no longer decorate with Americana but I know that many do! Dianntha

  4. I think the picture looks great just the way it is and I would leave it!

  5. I have all the Hawk Run Hollow charts (just need the time to stitch them) and I don't even know if it's a real place. But the designs are what speak to me. So bring on the island off Virginia!

  6. I'd leave Shores the way it is and frame with a coordinating mat. Wouldn't Jill Rensel do a great job with the framing of this?

    As for the second question....I'd stitch something from a place if I like the design.

  7. Gail's "Shores" is gorgeous and in the photo the colour of the silk gauze reminds me of a stormy day at sea. I think it's lovely! If she fills in the background with a colour similar to the linen called for ~ Vintage Lakeside Autumn Gold, as Katrina suggested, it would warm it up a bit ~ so it would depend on the desired effect Gail is looking for. I think it's beautiful as it is!

    As for your new design, Marty ~ Oh, what wonderful memories! Misty was one of my favourite books as a child! I adored it~ as well as the other novels by Marguerite Henry ~ but Misty was my favourite. I can’t wait to see this one and I know I will be stitching it when it is released. And I agree with the other ladies ~ if I like the design and it speaks to me ~ it matters not if the place is unknown to me or fictitious~

    And I Love the idea of Civil War and more Americana designs as well!

  8. I would leave the the piece the way it is. IMO, it's perfect the way it is. :)

    As for stitching a village I've never been to, if the overall design appeals to me, I would stitch it. I have stitched a few pieces from places I will probably never get to see, but I loved they way the designer did the piece.

    HTH! :)

  9. The SHRH is gorgeous as is. I would leave it alone. I think setting it off with a mat or two and a nice frame is all it needs.

    I'm a sucker for all American History designs. Love them! I have all four of the American Revolution designs by Willow Hill Samplings, and the Old West by LHN. I'd love a Civil War design!

  10. I think the piece is beautiful as is, I don't feel anything looks lost against the background. I wouldn't base my decision to stitch anything based on unfamiliarity of a place, I would only look at design and color.

  11. Shores is perfect just the way it is! LOVE IT! I'm seeing a few WIP's of Shores, and they are inspiring me to pick mine up again and put needle to thread to fabric!

    I would LOVE designs of Chincoteague and Assateague Islands. Living in Tidewater VA, I am very familiar with them! However, Hawk Run Hollow doesn't exist in real life (or maybe it does)?!?! and we are stitching all of those designs like crazy!

  12. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a Chincoteague or Assateague design! That'd be amazing. I've been there and love them both but I haven't been to, say, Bainbridge Island or Alaska and I'd stitch stuff relating to them IF I like the design.

    As for the Civil War stuff, I love history so I'd be up for that sort of thing.

    Shores is beautiful as is--IMHO, I wouldn't stitch in the background.

  13. I think the backround of Shores could easily be left as is - it is gorgeous! Loved Misty - Oh just brings back memories of "playing with imaginary horses" in my backyard. Being born and raised in the deep south - we never forget ! So a Civil war commemorative sampler might be nice depending on the subject matter.

  14. Shores is gorgeous the way it is!

    I am a Virginia girl and would devour any design associated with Virginia. I also own most of the Hawk Run Hollow series so in the end, I think most people will stitch a design if it speaks to them, regardless of the area it is associated with.

    Also, I would love to see some Civil War designs! I am a history lover (and history teacher)and would enjoy stitching anything history related.

  15. Personally, as both a Virginian, and a girl who loved Misty and friends, I can't wait to see the charts. I have the Hawk Run Hollow charts and haven't a clue as to where they originated. If a chart speaks to me, I will purchase it. If it has nothing to say to me, it stays in the rack.

    Civil war designs - a great idea.
    More Americana designs - another great idea.

  16. If the Virginia series is anything like the Hawk Run Hollow series it is going to be a hit. As a wife of a Civil War re-enactor I would love to see some civil war charts. Keep up the good work. As for the sampler I think it looks great just as it is.

  17. I stitch pieces that I like first, not because I'm familiar with the location. But I also love to get kits and/or charts of places I visit. My son lives in VA, so it's possible I might be able to visit there someday. So chances are pretty good that I would stitch it.

    I also love Americana designs - not all of them, but if I like them, I tend to buy them.

  18. Thanks for all your feedback. Let us know what you decide to do, Gail. Julie says that the "Chincoteague" model is coming along nicely, so I'm hoping you'll see it by year's end. Thanks again for input! Marty

  19. I wouldn't change a thing, its gorgeous!! And why didn't I think of doing one of these over biggest holdup has been getting that ginormous piece of fabric. Oh, I have lots to think about now! :)))

  20. It's a Beauty!! a real treasure. It is personal about the background, so good luck whatever you do:))
    As for your designs, history is always fabulous! maybe something European too:)