Monday, September 10, 2012

The winners are . . .

Our first winner who correctly identified Kingsford as Kathy's first design is Jeannine Foss from Northern California. She's been stitching for almost five years and the third third design she ever stitched was a CHS tombstone. She chose Lincoln as her prize! 

The second winner is Joy Downing from Tempe, Arizona. Joy created gorgeous frames for Valley House Primitives for many years. Other than cross stitch, her favorite way to spend time these days is in her garden and with her sweet little flock of chickens who inhabit a little saltbox hen house called the Coop de Grace. I checked out Joy's blog ( and it's obvious that Joy is a gifted photographer also! She chose Ode to the Newspaper as her prize.

The third person to correctly respond to the contest reigns from Brookfield, Massachusetts: Bonnie Olsen. She's been stitching long before Carriage House Samplings came into being! Bonnie has been very patient, waiting for either Tim or me to finish charting an 1849 sampler by Agness Rowlandson. Hopefully it will be ready for you in 2013, Bonnie! In the meantime, Bonnie will stitch Cats' Eyes.

And the fourth winner is Margaret Chess from New York. She's been stitching CHS since about 2006, when she picked up stitching again after a long hiatus. She fell in love with Kathy's designs right away. She has stitched three of the Hawk Run Hollow series (Houses, Village and Shores), and the Alphabets and Sarah Esh as well. It looks like Cats' Eyes will be her next project!

Congratulations to all our winners!


  1. Thank you so much Marty, and congratulations to Joy, Bonnie and Margaret!