Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Elizabeth's Garden

Carriage House Samplings is happy to be able to provide this collection of charming counted cross stitch designs that were created by my very talented niece, Liz Mathews! These charts are out-of-print, and I have just a few on hand of some. The retail price is just $4.00 each.

After you've taken a look at these, please visit: www.lizmathewsstudio.com
Liz has begun a unique line of needle art that combines beautiful printed collage and embroidery. The kits come with embellishments, such as worn keys and vintage sequins. But first...

The Snowflake Sampler, One Zany Bird, Fleur (my favorite), Lydia C. Durgin, Lydia's Sampler, New England Reindeer Sampler (also a favorite), Remember Me and A Coverlet Sampler.... Wait there's more:

Another Carnation Sampler, Quaker Star Sampler, Christmas Tulip Sampler, Valentine Sampler, Carnation Sampler, With Heart & Soul, Trudy's Flower (sold out) and Tuscan Poppies.... Still more:

 Leah's Tree, Bargello Border, Night Time in Old Towne, My Cat's Quilt, Three Swedish Pincushions (so charming!), Flower Baskets, Bittersweet House (sold out), Nantucket Sampler (sold out) and A Tree for Thee!

Please let me know if I can email you an image for better viewing.
An update: We're out of  "Trudy's Flower" and "Nantucket"
I hope you all have a happy and healthy New Year,


  1. Just happened to be online when I saw your post. Off to email you now! :)

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  3. We're also out of Nantucket Sampler and Trudy's Flower. Sorry!