Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A New Carriage House Release

Family Tree Portraits 

was inspired by folk art portraits...

lockets with portraits ...

(I saw this in Virginia's Museum of the Shenandoah Valley with my mother-in-law) 

And silhouette-art ...
(here I am circa 1964)

Plus, someone told me at a needlework show that she'd love to 
stitch her family tree!

So I'm providing three charts
with three distinctive borders
that show a couple,
and a two-generation family,
and a three-generation family tree,
designed so that you can choose
hair colors and styles
hats and glasses
that reflect your family members.
Expand or trim the borders to hold as many generations as you like.
Add a family pet...
Fill with medallions and hearts
And in the case of the family tree,
use hearts to show marriages and
use brackets to show offspring

Thanks to Lakeside Linens for providing the fabric
Needlepoint Silk for the floss (DMC conversions are provided)
East Side Mouldings for building the frames
and Sherri Berkman, Sharon Schutjer and Kathy Bonham
for stitching the models.

Suggested retail: $18.00 for all three designs