Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Contest Winner!

Kevin Tober, of Pompano Beach, Florida, suggested using my painting Widow’s Walk, which features a house along the Chestertown River in Maryland, as a basis of a cross stitch design. The model is now being stitched!

Kevin, was born and raised in Monmouth Beach, NJ., just a block from the Atlantic Ocean, where “widow’s walks” graced many of the area’s beautiful old homes. He started stitching in 2004 while recuperating from back surgery, and it’s still a way for him to cope with chronic pain issues. Plus, he loves that he’s creating something with his hands.

Thanks again to Kevin for getting this pattern off the ground! He’ll receive the first copy we print, for FREE!



  1. wow lucky kevin....i missed this contest..
    good luck dear friend..
    i love all your designs my dear..
    hugs and blessings x

  2. This is an on-going contest started last summer, I think. I asked for recommendations for cross stitch designs based on any of my paintings. This is the second winner so far. "Red-winged Blackbirds" was the first. Please send me more ideas!


  3. Thanks so much, Marty! I'm a huge fan of Carriage House Samplings and I look forward to stiching this someday (Red Winged Blackbirds, also!)