Monday, May 18, 2015

Spot on!

Marly’s Samplers and Santas blog ( had me thinking about my unframed/unfinished Spot the Horse, which was designed by Kathy in 2009. Beth Wiksen agreed to turn it into a bag along the same line as Marly’s. She modified her template since the entire design was stitched (vs. Marly’s Spot reduction), used black wool, added rick-rack, a beautiful lining, plus, an inside pocket for treasures! It’s amazing!

Please contact Beth about finishing your projects:
Beth Wiksen
4608 Palma Rd
Louisville, KY 40272


  1. It is awesome I love the wool scallops across the top!

  2. Wow. WOW!! I only get to see little photos online and never imagined how great this would be on that color linen. I have that linen, still have the chart, maybe little Spot needs a big Spot!