Saturday, August 13, 2011

And the winner is...

Thanks to everyone who participated in The Farms of Hawk Run Hollow contest. We received over 50 insightful, eloquent and clever responses that show just how familiar you are with Kathy’s work and perceptive you are to design styles. You have a long history with Kathy’s work and I am truly humbled that you plan to stitch such a huge project designed by someone so new to the needlework arts. Or should I say mostly designed by someone new.

On to the 2 1/2 blocks that were Kathy’s work: The bottom half of Block #1 including the sunflowers, crows and fence; Block #5 with the prowling cats, the wonderful weeping willow tree, graceful swans and amazing moths! Block #9 Fishing Friday! I love all the action in this block: the surprising snake, the worm on the ground, the birds and that twisted tree!!

There were five of you who chose this combination and the person with the best explanation was Donna Lemos. She recognized many of Kathy’s motifs including the black birds, swans, barn, weeping willow tree and snake. She wrote of the composition of Block 5 and the dimension in Block 9 and observed that I tend to use more checkered areas, as in the hill with the cows in Block 1. Donna compared the many details that Kathy includes in her designs with the more sparse look of mine.

Congratulations to Donna Lemos! And thanks to everyone for participating!