Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our Three New Designs

Thanks to Kathy Bonham for stitching More Thank Luck! It's on 30-count Tin Roof Gingham from Weeks Dye Works and with gorgeous DMC threads including two variegated colors: 4045 Evergreen Variations and 4180 Rose Petals Variations. Thanks to Liz Saylor from The DMC Corp. for providing those! The frame is from East Side Mouldings. It's called "This Old House" in Encyclopedia Brittanica Red.

And thanks for Sharon Schutjer for stitching Praise Ye The Lord. Needlepoint Silk provided the beautiful floss. It's stitched on 40-count Parchment from Weeks Dye Works. And a really special thanks to my sister Kathy who designed this in 2002 and rediscovered it a decade later. This is a great frame by Valley House Primitives. Thank you Janet and Mike!

Spring at Hawk Run Hollow was stitched amazingly fast (and to perfection!) by Carol Sims. Thanks also to her husband Skip for providing me photos along the way. Thanks so much to Needlepoint Silk for sending such beautiful flosses and to Janet and Mike from Valley House Primitives for creating the frame with the beautiful double scallop tombstone top. The linen is 40-count Straw from Weeks Dye Works.


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