Thursday, July 25, 2013

Boy, oh, Boy!

Who could forget Carriage House Samplings' Girl series: 

Featuring Elizabeth, Mary Margaret, Molly and Suzannah?

Four high-spirited boys will be here soon! 

Sneak peeks coming,


  1. These beauties were designed by my sister Kathy. See more of her work here:

  2. I have two of these patterns, why haven't I stitched them yet? they are all such awesome girls - I am curious to see the boys, as I know you don't use the same colour pallette as Kathy or will this time be different? Curious curious...

  3. No one chooses colors like Kathy can! I started out with the exact same palette as the girls but couldn't resist including a copper red and a couple of blues...

  4. Hello I found your blog by chance and I really like your work.
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